Tube Lock-Seaming and other Production Tubing


Rago & Son can mass produce tubes for use in many applications, automotive and watercraft filtration being among them.  We can stamp, roll, weld and finish metal tubes, with the maximum thickness of 0.020 inches.  Coil-fed stampers and rollers are used for maximum efficiency, as well as accuracy.

Custom machines can be made to produce tubing of various shapes and sizes.  Let us know your requirements.

Our machines can utilize coil or sheet metal and process it by stamping, rolling, and lock-seaming. Once we're finished with the products, we can provide shipping to you or directly to your customers.

Smooth lock-seamed metal tubeHole-punched and pressed metal tube

Meltog STM 125 coil fed tube bending machine

Like many of our other services, much of our tube production is automated.  We have several coil-fed machines, such as the Meltog unit above, dedicated to high volume tube production, rolling, and lock-seaming.  Please contact us for a full description of our capabilities.

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